Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds

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We invite all members of the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds to join us on April 26th, 2015 for a day of Fellowship as we celebrate our second SKYPE Fellowship Day!

We will use SKYPE to contact as many other members during that day as possible. For those members who do not have access to SKYPE perhaps they can join other members in their Guild for additional fun, it makes a great reason for a get together!

We require those who wish to participate to send us their SKYPE contact information (and their email address) before March 30th so we can put to together a contact list and get the list emailed back to you before April 15th.

SKYPE is a free program that allows people to make free video calls anywhere in the world using the Internet, which can be found at this web site. For the free download click here and follow the instructions.

Then send your SKYPE contact information to Roger Angel
We all look forward to talking with you during our Fellowship Day as we celebrate the accomplishments of our Founder. Please share this with the members of your Guild.

Yours in Fellowship
Mike Burke Deputy Guildmaster
Chair of the SKYPE Committee
Roger Angel
National Secretary
Wayne McMillan
National Guildmaster
Alex Hadden
Provincial Guildmaster, British Columbia
Bob Osborne
Provincial Guildmaster, Alberta
Russ Kelk
Provincial Guildmaster, Ontario
Russell Beeswanger
Provincial Guildmaster, Nova Scotia
David Wiebe
Editor, Mamook Papah