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Members’ of the 12th Guild was in attendance at Scotia Jam 2015, our project the History of Scouting in Nova Scotia. As custodians of the Archives for the Provincial Council we were able to display uniforms used in the past as well as badges and pins that told the story. There was a lot of interest in the badges and pins and the youth members enjoyed the uniforms from bygone days.

Also on display were many “camp craft” items that generated the interest of leaders and youth who wanted to know the uses of the older items and this provided our guild members an opportunity to share their knowledge of camp craft.

Most importantly Scotia Jam 2015 was a great time for FELLOWSHIP.

Russell Beeswanger


12th Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guild

Nova Scotia


members of the 12th.JPG Members of the 12th at their summer BBQ 12th Dinner.jpg
Members of the 12th hosting the Scouts Own at the Provincial 2014 AGM
12th camp fire.JPG
Dale Paul and Marilyn Brandal participating in the Nova Scotia Cancer Walk
Members at their Annual Dinner Meeting
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A visit from Mr. & Mrs Claus to the 12 th Christmas Social with Russell Beeswanger sitting on Mrs. Claus knee.
Above 12th Canadian Fellowship Guild members (LtoR) Roy Marsh, Dale Paul, Diane Lahey, Marilyn Brandal and Ray Doucette at Lodges & Lairs operating a project for Beavers

SJ 2015



Left to right Angus MacPherson, Marilyn Brandal, Diane Lahey, Russ Beeswanger, Bert Chesnut and Roy Marsh

From the left Marilyn Brandal, Aram Joukadjain State Guild Master Australia, Russ Beeswanger, Diane Lahey and David Winter

12th Activity Site

Scout Morgan Hillier of New Waterford, 1st Bridgeport Dominion proudly tries on an old uniform and wears the stetson

Summer Get Together


back row, left to right: picture: Guild Summer Gathering August 2015 019.JPG

Mimi Johnson, Dave Cameron, Roy Marsh, Paul Savoie, Russ Beeswanger, Peter Brandal.
front row left to right:
Nancy Marsh, Betty Cameron, Marilyn Brandal. Missing from photo is Heather Savoie, she is taking the picture and Bill Johnson.


back row, left to right:

Mimi Johnson, Dave Cameron, Roy Marsh, Paul Savoie, Russ Beeswanger, Peter Brandal.


Left is David Winter at the presentation by Paul Savoie, Group Commissioner and a member of The 12th Guild, of his Bar To The Silver Acorn on February 1, 2018 at their Cub meeting in Lower Sackville, NS.


“Keeping the Spirit Alive”

The 12th Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds Nova Scotia

In the Fellowship the members pledge to accept the objectives of the Scout and Guide Promise. The 12th Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guild is located in Nova Scotia. It is headquartered in the Halifax area, but has members from across the whole Province.
The Guild was formed in 1980 when some less active Scouters became aware of the existence of other Guilds in Canada and throughout the world.
You do not have to be an active Scouter to be a member of a Guild, just have a desire for the Fellowship of Scouting.
Objective of the Guild
1. To keep among its members the spirit of the Scout Promise and Law.
2. To carry that Spirit into the communities in which they live and work.
3. To give support to the Scout movement as far their responsibilities will allow.
Members of the Canadian Fellowship are invested into the Guild using the Scout Promise and maintain their membership by paying their dues each year.
The 12th Canadian Guild keeps their members up-to-date by a telephone committee and members receive a copy of Mamook Papah which keeps them up-to-date on other Guilds across Canada and about Guilds in other countries.
For Information about the Nova Scotia Fellowship

12th Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guild.

On October 19, 2019 our Provincial Guildmaster, Russell Beeswanger, attended the National Guilds Tri-Annual meeting held in Montreal Quebec. A good amount of fellowship and new friends was experienced by all who attended. It was worth attending as we got to meet members in person that we have only talked to on a conference call; it was good to put a face to a name.

A regular meeting of the 12th Guild was held at The Swiss Chalet in Bayer’s Lake Industrial Park on October 28, 2019. Following the meeting and a meal an investiture ceremony was held and the following members were invested: Betty Cameron, Ted Cross, Priscilla Cross, Sheila King, Kathy MacCalder, David Paul and May Renfrew. Congratulations to all.

Russell Beeswanger


12th Guild